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Selasa, 12 April 2011

[News]BEAST's Yang Yo Seob Makes MBLAQ's Lee Joon Feel Embarrassed

BEAST's Yang Yo Seob Makes MBLAQ's Lee Joon Feel Embarrassed
During the last episode of '100 Points Out of 100' Yo Seob surprised Joon while dancing 'Stay'.
Joon presented MBLAQ's new sparkling dance for 'Stay' at the show, however his attempt ended up changing the name of it. Suddenly the comments of the MCs made the choreography prepared by Rain turn into a 'parking attendant dance'.
But that wasn't the end of it. Yo Seob actually showed his amazing skills as a dance copier and decided to perform the same choreography. Without having the time to practice, he just received a short lesson by Joon before attempting to do it. The results surprised everyone as he was able to hold a perfect performance.
He was highly praised for his great skills especially because he was able to repeat Joon's solo without a single mistake.
This whole situation caused them to ask Joon if 'Stay' was really MBLAQ's song. At the end he replied by saying that Yang Yo Seob has skills, making everyone laugh.

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